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Hainault Community Network (Intergenerational Project)

Bringing the communites in Hainault and surrounding areas together.


Hainault Community Network is an Intergenerational Project bringing the community in Hainault and surrounding areas together to work on issues that affect their day to day living and experiences and promote good relations and equality of opportunity.


Previously known as the Community  Forum the newly named Community Network  will give the opportunity  to   really starting to work on getting more people interested in  working together on issues  which affect  everyone and facilitate initiatives that enhance  the well being  of the Community. For example  the Network  have looked at  issues such as Transport on Forest Road  and the effects  on young people who had to walk to get to use Leisure facilities.


The Community Network  is an ideal opportunity for younger and older people to voice their views and concerns  about their local area and encourage Civic pride young people’ Certificates of participation in the Community Network’  - will be awarded.


RECC at Hainault Festival - 2016