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Redbridge is one of the most diverse boroughs in London and has gone through huge demographical changes in the past

 60 or so years. Due to its proximity to the centre of London, while still maintaining areas of greenery, it has always been an

area that has attracted a wide range of people to come and live here.


Redbridge is an outer north east London Brough with a population of approximately

279,000. It is an increasingly ethnically diverse society, with a fast-growing non-white

population, and in the 2011 census 42.5% of the population described themselves

as non-white. There has been the second largest demographic change in London

between 2001 and 2011. There have also been a significant number of migrants and

refugees from eastern Europe, with whom RECC has also been carrying out significant



The demography of Redbridge is equally pronounced in terms of religion. The Hindu,

Jewish, Sikh and Muslim communities are each among the very largest in England

and Wales.


Overall, Redbridge is a relatively affulent Borough, and ranks fourth in terms of

owner-occupiers in London and 128th in England and Wales. There are extremes of

affulence which overshadow pockets of social deprivation, especially in the south of the

Borough, where there is a high density of people from minority backgrounds. There are also areas which are predominantly white working class, where there are issues of community safety, educational under-achievement and unemployment.







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