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Victim Support Redbridge: 020 8551 5500


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Barkingside ECO FEST -  26th September 2017 Ken Ashton Square

A community celebration of the environment during Recycle Week.

The RECC believes that equality must be at the centre of the economic growth strategy.  The wrong sort of economic growth can grow inequality if some people get better off at the expense of groups already suffering discrimination.  So we want to encourage all to have a voice – Black & Ethnic Minority Groups, migrants and refugees, disabled people, women, young people


Please complete the survey here

Redbridge Economic Growth Stratergy

Have your Say and complete survey by 4th September 2017



The event is hosted by Amey Redbridge Recycling Team supported by Redbridge Equalities and other Charities and local businesses.


Story telling (at Library between 4 and 5 pm run by Recycling Officer in litter bug costume and banana peel costume)

Colouring in with anti-littering messages

Love where you live’  litter picking  sessions – residents earn a certificate and children free face painting and a token and McDonalds vouchers. (McDonald staff in attendance)

Make Friendship bracelets from carrier bags (run by Library)

Make plant potters from paper and egg shells  to grow seeds (run by local artist Kim)

Sample herbal teas and get tips on growing (run by Forest Farm Peace Garden allotment

Competition – pledge to recycle more and win vouchers


So please come and join us on the day  2pm - 6pm

stall  eco learning

                RECC Equalities Forum

                       Gants Hill united Reformed Church

                          Monday 25th September 2pm -4pm  

Invitation to Redbridge Equalities Forum

New Hall, Gants Hill United Reformed Church

(Entrance in Ethelbert Gardens, IG2 6UN. Accessible)


The forum seeks to bring organisations, professionals and activists in different equality strands together in order to:

Exchange information and learn from each other

•Reduce barriers between communities – raising awareness, understanding and challenging myths

•Promote Equalities & Human Rights

•Lobby & Campaign to challenge inequalities

•Contribute to consultations by the council and other statutory bodies especially where they impact on equalities.


The theme of this meeting will be Redbridge Council’s strategy on Community Cohesion and the role of the Community Cohesion Officer who will be beginning soon.  Sarah Tranter from Strategy will our guest speaker.

Sarah will also be giving us a briefing on the consultations that the Council is currently engaged in.


Consultation slot:  We aim to have someone promoting a council consultation at each Forum meeting.  Currently there is a consultation on Accessibility of Services so we will have someone talking about that.


There will be light refreshments.

We look forward to seeing you.











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Redbridge Against Hate

Hate Crime Awareness Week Event

Monday 16th October 2017





Did you know that over the last year there were 578 hate crimes reported to the police?  That is up 17.5% on the previous year.  That is the tip of the iceberg.  Many people do not report to the police or to any other body.  

But what is a hate crime?  It is a crime motivated by prejudice against a particular group of people.  Imagine you are shouted at, threatened, hit, beaten up, had a brick through your window, your house set on fire because of the colour of your skin, the country you were born in, where your parents were born, the language you speak, you are a migrant or refugee, because you are in a wheelchair, cannot see very well, have difficulty speaking, hearing, seeing, have a mental health problem or learning difficulty, because you are gay or a lesbian or Trans....  These are hate crimes.

National Hate Crime Awareness Week happens every year to draw attention to the menace of hate crime.  It runs from Sunday 15th October launched in St. Pauls Cathedral.

Victim Support and Redbridge Equalities & Community Council have  joined forces to organise this event at the United Reformed Church for people in Redbridge to learn about hate crime, how to report it, what can be done about it, maybe to offer your help or because you need advice yourself.  There will be a film, speakers and stalls.  Speakers will include Councillor Bob Littlewood, David Landau from Redbridge Equalities & Community Council and Matt Hale who will do a presentation on the Self Evident App which people can use to report hate crime.

For further information please contact Boryana Smilenova at Victim Support on 020-8555 8254 or or David Landau at Redbridge Equalities & Community Council on 020-8551 8178 or




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